Podcasts – Part One

One of my favorite activities each day is sitting in my favorite chair and watching my favorite podcasts via my Apple TV. I subscribe to approximately 25 podcasts. Most of them are tech related but I also subscribe to Network TV News, and PBS Podcasts.

There are many ways to subscribe to a Podcast. I prefer my Apple TV but you can subscribe via your computer, IPod, Smartphone or Tablet (IPad, Kindle) of choice.

Now that I live in Ecuador, subscribing to the Network News gives me a chance to see (the very same day)the podcast in HD .

Here is a list of some of my subscribed podcasts:

  • Buzz Out Loud
  • The Apple Bytye
  • IPad Today
  • NBC Nightly News
  • Rachel Maddow Show
  • Meet The Press
  • Ted Talks
  • Anderson Cooper 360

What are some of your favorite podcasts?  On what device do you listen to your podcasts?

Below is a screenflow video of a podcast definition and the opening to Buzz Out Loud

2 thoughts on “Podcasts – Part One

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