Animoto – Part Two

In Part One I discussed the importance of using Animoto to store your photos and present those photos in a video format with music, titles and transitions.

In the Screenflow video below I show “how to” create your first Animoto video.  **Note, this is my first Screenflow video.  I promise that future screenflow videos will be much better.

7 thoughts on “Animoto – Part Two

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  2. Can’t wait to try this out! Very happy with your new blog. Could not have come at a better time. My husband and I are planning to arrive sometime July of this year. Looking forward to meeting you then.

  3. Lenny – I am Judith’s husband and will have several ? concerning wireless router you are using and availability of HP printers and cost of HP cartridges.
    Never participated in a blog so if what I am asking is out of bounds — let me know. I will work up a list and send them on. Thanks, Phillip

  4. Phillip,

    The purpose of this blog is to help others make an easier transition to Cuenca concerning tech issues. Please send the list and if I don’t know the answer then I’m sure we can find someone in the tech community that does.

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