Welcome To Cuenca Tech Life

This blog will mainly cover tech topics for people who live in or are thinking about moving to Cuenca, Ecuador.  Although, I will be covering many topics that will be of general interest to anyone who wants to use technology more effectively and save time.

My name is Lenny Charnoff and I am a geek in a communicator’s body who has been using computers since 1980.

4 thoughts on “Welcome To Cuenca Tech Life

  1. I am contemplating bringing a TV in a rubbermaid tote. Unfortunately I would have to get one that is about 19 inches. It would be a tv/dvd combo. needless to say, I would like a bigger TV. What would be your recommendation based on what I would be able to get in EC?

    • I do not recommend bringing any TV in checked luggage. Too high of a risk having the panel scratched or worse explode. Yes, you would have to pay more in Ecuador but prices are coming down on TV’s

      * Marsha – There are many good facilitators that are bilingual. Hire one and bring them with you to one of the major applicane stores to negotiate (in cash) with the owner a good price. My Samsung 40″ HDTV 1080 cost $800 10 months ago. My guess is that it’s about $100 less now.

  2. Hi Lenny,
    Finding your blog and valuable information is so timely for me. I am moving to Cuenca from Oregon in the next few weeks. I am a Mac person and photographer. I will be bringing my Macbook Pro, Canon 7D & G9 and some lenses, and a Sony HD video camera.
    For this trip (we’ll be returning to Oregon once we get our visa and know more about what to return to the US for), what would I bring so that we can have the best internet service (I will be uploading a lot of photos & video) and also Skype and MagicJack? I’ve read your postings on what to bring, but it’s a bit overwhelming for me to narrow it down (routers, cords, etc). I’m a tech dummy, and your feedback would be valuable to me. Thanks so much. Linda

    • Hi Linda – Another webfoot coming to Cuenca – Yey. There are about 20 Pacific Northwest people here in Cuenca.

      I probably would add one more item to your list. An iPad or an iPhone but I would strongly recommend the iPad. The top reason is that the Magic Jack
      App doesn’t need the usb drive to connect to the computer. The other reason is that except for heavy photo and video editing it takes the place of your computer and you
      can bring the iPad with you more easily and less recognizable then the MB Pro.

      Internet service is on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. ETAPA the city owned service which is DSL depends on how far you’re away from the phone company’s
      switch. In our first apartment ETAPA was on all the time. In our rental house ETAPA went down 3-5 times a day. Fortunately, I was able to subscribe to
      TV Cable and the service has been super fast and super reliable..

      I see that besides our Mac choices we share Canon choices. I just purchased a Canon t4i when I went back to Portland. Good luck with your adventure and keep in touch
      my email is graygeek@gmail.com

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