Apple TV

Apple TV:

Cost: $99


  • HDTV with available HDMI Port.
  • Internet Connection
  • Router For Wireless Connection
  • IPad for AirPlay

Personal Experience:

Setup was a breeze. I have my Apple TV connected wirelessly to my router. I use Apple TV for the following:

  • Watching HD Movies
  • Watching  HD TV programs
  • Viewing My IPad on the 40 inch Samsung HDTV
  • Sharing My Photos On the Samsung TV with friends and family
  • Watching And Listening To My Favorite Podcasts
  • Watching Video From Flickr, YouTube And Vimeo

Rating: A 10 out of 10. Especially noteworthy is the simplicity of navigation between podcasts, movies, photos, music etc.  This is a run, don’t walk to purchase.

Apple TV is just not for Apple or IPad/IPhone products.  You can use this product with your PC laptop or desktop computer.  You can find the full Apple Description here

2 thoughts on “Apple TV

  1. Lenny – We are planning a trip to Cuenca soon and since the place we are staying doesn’t have Cable, I was thinking of streaming. We stream at home (Sierra Foothills) using an LG Blu-ray player. Works great. My son has Apple TV and loves it. I think the interface is very nice, so I was thinking of getting either it or a Roku to take on the trip.. However, when I asked if the TV in our condo rental had an HDMI port, so we could stream, the owner responded that the internet connections in Cuenca were not fast enough for streaming. Obviously, you’ve had a different experience. Can you please elaborate? Thanks – Schatzi
    PS – Please tell Sharon that I am a quilter too and will be in touch with her soon!

    • Schatzi, the first item is if the TV has an HDMI port. Roku 2 will work but Apple TV won’t. Next, Internet speed varies with each provider and neighborhood. We have ETAPA (phone company) Internet service and the download speed is 3mbs down which is sufficient. Other neighborhoods the same ETAPA service is sketchy. Hope this info helps and I’ll pass the quilting comment on to Sharon.

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